NHIA 2023 Wrap Up and the Home Infusion Boom

Were you one of the 1500 professionals that attended NHIA this year?


As you’d expect from that number, the words “busy, well attended, and productive” came to mind when Matt Burns, our National Sales Manager was asked about his experience this year at NHIA.

Along with Burns, Sarah Kahler, Josh Prati, and Lindsay Paolina enjoyed their time representing Right Way Medical at the 2023 National Home Infusion Association Conference.

According to Connie Sullivan, President and CEO of NHIA, this year “was the most attended and largest event in over a decade”.

Capitalizing on
Capitol Hill

“What we’re seeing right now in home infusion therapy (HIT) is a direct reflection on hospitals making an effort to extend care at a high level,” said Burns as he described the push to get patients out of the hospital and into the at-home setting.

This generates a lot of optimism and elevates the quality of life for the 1% of Americans that are no longer tied to a hospital bed or infusion chair.

With an industry affecting 3.2 million patients every year, lots of players are involved. One of the biggest is CMS, the providers of Medicare and Medicaid.

NHIA has proven a reputation of committing to the growth of the industry through various initiatives. “NHIA is starting to gain traction on Capitol Hill specifically with provisions to the 21st Century Cures Act and bipartisan legislation the get Medicare Plan B coverage for home infusion,” said Josh Prati, President and CEO of Right Way Medical.

We have a lot of great things happening in home infusion but are looking forward to NHIA’s initiatives to fix the flawed and deficient home infusion benefit for Medicare beneficiaries.


New Faces &
New Beginnings

“Familiar faces taking on bigger roles in smaller organizations,” said Prati. “It’s a true test of relationships that have been emphasized throughout our organization since day one.”

The conference also sheds light on the personnel movement going on in the industry.

Mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships also bring a lot of new faces to the table.

“Our team is excited to collaborate with these new organizations as well as our existing vendors and customers that have experienced tremendous growth this past year,” continued Prati.

Back to Business

In a rapidly growing industry, there will always be obstacles and challenges along the way. Some of those challenges as highlighted at NHIA, involve modifying legislature while others involve the economy and general market.

Right Way Medical plans to stay ahead and make well informed business decisions throughout the home infusion industry expansion as proven in our continued investment and innovation into Right Track.

Furthermore, Right Way Medical continues to prioritize events like NHIA to support the customer base that we service.

NHIA is a vital component to cultivating lasting relationships while also staying informed of the environment in one of the major markets that we operate in. This allows us to fulfill the people portion of our vision, continue our mission, and ultimately execute on a consistent basis.