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Medical Equipment Financing, Leases & Individualized Pricing

Finding the right medical equipment financing shouldn’t feel like a maze. At Right Way Medical, we get it. In today’s credit climate, the struggle is real. But worry not, we’re here to make things smoother, whether you’re eyeing new or pre-owned infusion pumps.

Please note: At this time, Right Way Medical does not bill insurance.



In addition to our short-term rental and leasing choices, we offer a comprehensive selection of new and used IV equipment and products for purchase. Want to take full control of your business assets? Reach out today for a tailored quote on the patient-ready medical equipment and IV pumps you need.

Perks of ownership:

  • Say goodbye to financing costs associated with rentals or leases.
  • Enjoy sweet tax benefits by depreciating assets over time.
  • Have the freedom to sell assets whenever the mood strikes.


Secure the medical equipment you need through our dynamic leasing options. Seeking to establish equity in your IV pumps and medical assets? We’re adept at finding innovative solutions that align with your financial plan and aspirations. Say goodbye to the dilemma of tying up your capital resources versus accessing advanced diagnostic and infusion technology. We’ve got you covered!

Perks of leasing:

  • Skip the initial expenses of buying equipment.
  • Keep your assets updated more often.
  • Minimize the risks associated with capital investments for your organization.

Capital Leases

View the lease as both an asset and a liability on your balance sheet, allowing you to claim depreciation on the asset and deduct the interest expense component annually. At the end of the term, you can own the equipment for a nominal $1 residual buyout.

Capital leases in line with guidelines set by the Financial Accounting Standards Boards, must fulfill certain criteria, such as:

  • Enabling transfer of ownership to the lessee upon lease term completion.
  • Including a bargain purchase option.
  • Featuring a lease term aligning with the estimated economic life of the leased property.


  • Gain equity with every monthly payment.
  • Depreciate assets on your balance sheet.
  • Claim interest expenses.
  • Minimal purchase cost at the end of the lease.


  • Experience higher monthly payments.
  • Increased upgrade costs for owned devices at the end of the lease.
  • Risk of equipment becoming obsolete over time.
Operating Leases

Known as a Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease, an Operating Lease operates much like renting. While it doesn’t contribute to equity, it significantly reduces monthly expenses. Plus, at the lease term’s end date, you have the option to purchase the equipment at fair market value. Should you no longer require it, simply return it to Right Way Medical. Additionally, Operating Lease expenses are considered operating expenses in your income statement, without impacting your balance sheet.


  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Option to purchase or upgrade at lease end.
  • Reduced investment risk.
  • Potential eligibility for equipment exchange before the lease concludes.


  • Market price considerations at lease end.
  • Payments do not contribute to equity.
  • Inability to depreciate the asset.

Why choose Right Way Medical?

  • Direct Lender: No middlemen here; we thrive in ensuring a smooth process.
  • Flexible Terms: Enjoy payment plans up to 60 months, tailored to your cash flow.
  • Simple Application: No fuss, no muss. Our credit application is straightforward.
  • Creative Billing: We’re all about finding the right fit for your needs.
  • Extensive Manufacturer Relationships.

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers such as MOOG Medical, Baxter, Intuvie, B.Braun, Eitan Medical, ICU Medical, and more ensure access to top-quality infusion pumps at competitive prices, with financing options customized to your needs.


Discover how Right Way Medical can assist with your medical equipment financing needs. Benefit from our competitive rates, flexible terms, and customized solutions to support your practice’s cash flow requirements.