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Medical Equipment Financing, Leases & Individualized Pricing

We get it. Getting the right medical equipment financing plan can be challenging, especially in today’s credit environment. We understand the struggle and can provide financing for your new or used infusion pumps or other medical equipment needs.

Please note: At this time, Right Way Medical does not bill insurance.


New & Used Medical Equipment Purchase

Along with our short-term rental and termed leasing options, Right Way Medical has access to new and used IV equipment and products for purchase. Prefer to own your business assets? Contact us today for an accurate quote on the patient-ready medical equipment and IV pumps you need.

Advantages of purchasing medical equipment:

  • Avoid financing costs of renting or leasing equipment
  • Depreciate assets over time for tax benefits
  • Sell assets to secondary market whenever you choose

Medical Equipment Leasing

Get the medical equipment you need through our competitive leasing division. Looking to gain equity in your IV pumps and medical equipment? We can get creative and find the most economical path forward, one that fits your budget and goals. Don’t choose between tying up your capital resources and getting the best diagnostic and infusion technology on the market!

Advantages of leasing medical equipment:

  • Avoid upfront costs of purchasing equipment
  • Upgrade your medical equipment more frequently
  • Reduce organizational risks from capital investments

Capital Leases

Recognize the lease as both an asset as well as a liability (for the lease payments) on your balance sheet, claiming depreciation on the asset and deducting the interest expense component of the lease payment each year. At the end of the chosen term, you will own the equipment for a $1 residual buyout as the final payment.

According to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, capital leases must meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The lease transfers ownership of the property to the lessee by the end of the lease term
  2. The lease contains a bargain purchase option
  3. The lease term is equal to 3.75% or more of the estimated economic life of the leased property
  4. The present value of the lease payments, discounted at an appropriate discount rate, exceeds 90% of the fair market value of the asset


  • Build equity with each monthly payment
  • Depreciate balance sheet assets
  • Claim interest expenses
  • Nominal purchase cost at lease end


  • Higher monthly payments
  • Own device at lease end making upgrades more costly
  • Risk of equipment obsolescence
Operating Leases

Also known as a Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease, an Operating Lease is similar to renting. While this option doesn’t build equity, it does reduce your monthly expenditures and, at the end of your term, you can purchase the equipment for fair market value. Don’t need it taking up space anymore? Simply return it to Right Way Medical. Also, an Operating Lease expense is treated as an operating expense in your income statement but does not affect your balance sheet.


  • Lower monthly payments
  • Buy or upgrade at lease end
  • Less investment risk
  • Equipment may be eligible for exchange prior to lease end


  • Market price at lease end
  • Payments do not provide equity
  • Can not depreciate asset

Advantages of Choosing Right Way Medical

  • We are not a broker – we are the holder of the loan agreement
  • We offer both capital leases and operating leases
  • We offer payment terms of up to 60 months
  • You get a simple credit application
  • Creative billing terms

Our relationships with a variety of top of the line manufacturers (such as MOOG Medical, Zyno Medical, Baxter, Hospira, B.Braun, Eitan Medical and more) allow us to provide comprehensive solutions for obtaining the right infusion pump, for the right price, with financing options that suit your individual needs.

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Right Way Medical is your source for medical equipment financing. We offer competitive rates and terms as well as the flexibility to meet your cash flow needs for your practice.