Right Track Management

Track Where Your Equipment Is & Where It Has Been

Meet Right Track, our secure, web-based asset management software that makes keeping track of your equipment inventory easier. Designed to improve profitability through more efficient inventory management, Right Track streamlines the equipment repair/maintenance process and gives you next-level piece of mind. Gone are the days of guesswork and apprehension – know exactly where your equipment is 24/7!




What You Get With Right Track


Stop chasing after your assets. No matter where you send your devices, whether to a patient, Right Way Medical, or any third-party location, Right Track will manage where your assets are, and where they have been. Save time and money with a simple sending, receiving, and transferring process.


Streamline your inventory levels by knowing the status of each asset. If client-ready, in-service, dirty, or in biomed, Right Track will help you manage each asset once received at your facility, until it is retired. Keep excess inventory off your shelves by tracking device utilization trend groupings, as well as turnaround times from patients and vendors.

Reporting & Data

Simplify your data. Review billing, understand device trends, oversee preventative maintenance timelines, and quickly request additional devices to control inventory levels within Right Track. Your facility specific information is at your fingertips to understand and assess how to better utilize your inventory.


It’s pretty simple. We saw a need within the industry and created a solution – for ourselves and our customers.

The aim was to take the human error out of our tracking method and funnel our energy into running an efficient business. Our concerns were echoed by medical professionals in healthcare facilities across the country that had growing apprehensions about what was going on with their equipment, why the process was taking so long and why service prices were so high. So, we did the research, invested the capital, and created Right Track – and we are thankful we did.

Now, other asset management tracking programs do exist, but Right Track is uniquely designed with the user in mind. We believe in the system because it’s how we effectively operate our business. Instead of a droll spreadsheet that forces you to dig for the right data, you can easily navigate to your device and get the info you need to know. No barriers. No junk. Just a great user experience.

The Additional Benefits of Right Track

Reduce Cost
  • Increased asset utilization and equipment value by minimizing device idle-time.
  • Reduced inventory size through more efficient device circulation.
  • Track inventory utilization to help prevent loss.
Increase Productivity
  • Spend more time serving your patients and less time searching for equipment.
  • Efficient inventory purchasing workflow requires less time to manage.
Improve Compliance

Confidently meet HIPAA and preventative maintenance compliance requirements with streamlined reporting tools.