Repair & Maintenance

Our Supplemental Biomedical Services


You rely on biomedical services to keep your fleet running smoothly while reducing maintenance costs and maximizing equipment life. That’s why we prioritize three key pillars: speed, transparency, and quality.

We understand the critical importance of reliable medical equipment in healthcare settings. Our mission is to ensure that your medical equipment is not only operational but also maintained at the highest standards, ultimately contributing to patient safety and satisfaction.

The Right Way Medical Technicians have backgrounds in biomedical technology, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to deliver patient ready pumps with uncompromised quality.


Our preventative maintenance services are designed to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. We meticulously inspect, calibrate, and certify all major brands of infusion pumps, ensuring compliance and reliability. Our goal is not just to address existing issues but also to anticipate and prevent potential failures, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and compliance with regulatory standards.




Our comprehensive repair services cover all makes and models of infusion pumps approved for field servicing. Our certified technicians leverage their expertise and experience to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring the seamless operation of your equipment. Whether it’s recalibration, component replacement, or refurbishment, we prioritize quality craftsmanship to extend the lifespan of your investment and maintain optimal performance.




Right Track, our web-based asset management solution. Track the status of your infusion pumps in real-time, streamline repair approval processes, and reduce costs with transparent reporting tools. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to hassle-free equipment management.


Our 90-Day Service Warranty

Right Way Medical offers a standard 90-day warranty on pre-owned infusion pump purchases. Our warranty covers the cosmetic condition of the pump when it arrives and guarantees that the infusion pump operates safely and according to manufacturers’ specifications. All maintenance or repairs not due to negligence or damage are covered under the 90-day warranty. Extended warranties for any pump purchase or repair are available for an additional fee. Please contact your sales representative for more information. We’ll be happy to work with you to meet your specific needs.


At Right Way Medical, we’re committed to revolutionizing the way you manage your equipment inventory. With our unwavering commitment to speed, transparency, and quality, coupled with the innovative capabilities of Right Track, we empower healthcare organizations to optimize equipment performance, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes. Experience the difference with Right Way Medical – where excellence meets efficiency.