Medical Equipment Rentals

Renting medical equipment can be a smart way to meet your infusion therapy needs without breaking the bank. At Right Way Medical, we offer high quality, patient ready IV pumps for rent. Whether you need a short-term solution for home care or a long-term setup for a busy clinic, we’ve got you covered with a range of flexible rental options.


Stay Adaptable in a Changing World

Healthcare is an ever-changing field, and so are your equipment needs. Sometimes you need more, sometimes less, and sometimes you need it right away. Our rental services give you the flexibility to adjust as your demands shift. This adaptability is key for everything from supply chain hiccups to fluctuating patient numbers. We work with clients of all sizes, from small pharmacies to national clinics, and offer custom financing plans that can scale with you.


 Why Rent Infusion Equipment?

No Upfront Costs

Our rental options are flexible, with daily and monthly rates that will let you manage costs without large upfront payments.

Try Before You Buy

Test new equipment and upgrade as needed without committing to a large purchase.

No Maintenance Fees

Say goodbye to preventative maintenance costs.

Track your Equipment

Our Right Track system helps you keep tabs on your equipment, reducing the risk of loss.

I want to build equity while renting.


If you like the flexibility of renting but want the benefits of ownership, we offer custom lease plans designed just for you. Our capital leases let you buy out the equipment for just $1 at the end of the term, while our operating leases allow you to keep renting for a lower monthly rate.




Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Need some guidance on which rental option is best for you? Our team at Right Way Medical is ready to help. We pride ourselves on making the rental process seamless and straightforward, so you can focus on what really matters: providing excellent care.

Connect with our experts to better manage your inventory.

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