Right Way Medical Services

While we are a top domestic medical equipment supplier, our capabilities do not stop there. We have compiled a number of supplemental services throughout our tenure designed to improve your workflow and allow us to become your go-to partner for both patient-ready equipment and biomedical services. Our experts also offer one-on-one consulting to ensure you’re not just getting the right product, but you’re getting it at the right price.


Repair & Maintenance

Right Way Medical offers both preventative maintenance services and infusion pump repair services at our facilities. Our in-house biomedical technicians meticulously document every detail of your machine, run performance tests, complete routine maintenance checklists and ship the device back to you – fully calibrated, fully inspected, fully compliant.

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Medical Equipment Rentals

Looking for added flexibility when it comes to inventory management? We offer renting and leasing options so you can meet the needs of your clients without hindering everyday performance and taking up too much space at your facility in the interim. Reduce risks. Get upgraded equipment. Do right by your patients without tying up your resources.

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Financing, the right way

We are a nimble operation with the ability to serve you on a personal basis and offer competitive financing. What happens if there’s a better price out there for the product quantity you need? We’ll point you in the right direction! Unrelenting transparency, timely service & vast industry expertise – that’s the Right Way to do things.

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