National IV Nurse Day

Happy National IV Nurse Day!


Each year, January 25th is dedicated to celebrating the IV nurses that devote their lives to delivering high-quality infusion therapies across the US. Many days their tireless efforts go without thanks as they administer life-saving therapies with the best possible care.

In 1980, the House of Representatives designated January 25th as National IV Nurse Day and it’s carried out each year by the Infusion Nurses Society (INS). Representing infusion nurses and clinicians, INS recommends standards of practices and ethics through education nationwide.

Though an infusion nurse varies slightly from a registered nurse (RN) both groups emphasize patient care, however infusion nurses typically have additional certifications that are not required of a typical RN. These certifications, such as the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) Credential, help prepare them to administer standard infusion therapies such as blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and antibiotic infusions via a needle and a catheter directly into the bloodstream.

IV nurses may also have different responsibilities from RN’s including maintenance of PICC’s and IV lines, select and manage the appropriate device and tubing, maintain catheters, and observe potential drug complications.

As IV therapy is no longer confined to the hospital setting, patients are receiving care from many post-acute settings including skilled nursing facilities, infusion clinics, and in the home setting.

This year’s theme is “INS Strong,” focusing on the initiative, nurses, and the strong standards that encompass the infusion industry.

In the chaos of everyday life, remember to take a moment and thank all healthcare workers – especially IV nurses!

Happy National IV Nurse Day from the team at Right Way Medical. We are thankful to learn from and support infusion therapy teams!

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