Right Way Medical Launches Infusion Pump Tracking Application

Columbus Ohio – August 15, 2017 – Right Way Medical, a full-service infusion pump and disposable distributor announced today the launch of its web-based asset tracking application, Right Track. Right Track has been designed specifically to meet the needs of long-term care and specialty pharmacies and focuses on three core elements of infusion pump management: location, disposition, and billing calculation.

The application accurately tracks the movement of infusion pumps, logging sender and receiver as well as date, the infusion pumps disposition (client-ready, in-service, etc.), and ties tracking to rental terms to generate billing statements capable of export to other applications. Just as importantly, Right Track stores every ‘pump event’ including preventative maintenance and service records, providing a complete history for every infusion pump.

Joshua Prati, Chief Executive Officer at Right Way Medical said “A tremendous amount of time and effort was put into developing Right Track to meet the needs of our customers. With over 60 years of combined experience in the infusion market, Right Way Medical understands how critical inventory management, compliance, and billing is to our customers. Our history running an internal-version of this tracking application combined with exceptional participation and feedback from key beta customers has enabled us to develop an asset management application that provides significant value for this market.”

Right Track was released after months of development and beta testing by Columbus software firm Switchbox. In their own words, “Switchbox is a software development firm focused on helping companies grow. We build applications that allow our clients to spend more time running their business instead of being run by it.”

About Right Way Medical
In 2013 after twelve years working in the infusion industry, Joshua Prati founded Right Way Medical to provide customers the ideal experience in acquiring healthcare related products and service. He set out to place an emphasis on service and the industry took notice, with Right Way Medical doubling in size year-over-year its first four years of operations. Right Way Medical has become a trusted name in the infusion industry, and focuses everyday to continue to earn that trust.