Right Way Medical Biomedical Updates Space Certification with B. Braun

As Right Way Medical continues to forge the path for efficient biomedical services in the infusion industry, the biomed team recently enhanced their manufacturer accreditations by receiving updated full-service certifications in B. Braun Infusomat Space Volumetric Pump, Perfusor Space Syringe Pump, and the B. Braun SpaceStation accessory.

Efficiently designed for flexibility, the B. Braun Medical Infusomat and Perfusor Pumps allow for a wireless integration, extensive drug library, and universal interface to streamline workflows.

During COVID-19, Right Way Medical and B. Braun adapted to help clinicians safely and efficiently treat patients from afar with extension tubing, allowing the pump to be placed outside of the patients’ room.

Dan Saylor, Right Way Medical’s Senior Biomedical Technician, recently shared his over 30 years of experience in electronic engineering and how he and his team provide world-class biomedical services to infusion therapy providers across the nation.

What led you to the Right Way Medical Biomed team?

Dan Saylor: I’ve spent my career in a variety of industries. Basically, if it has a motor, it has my attention. After getting my Associates Degree from Penn State in Electronic Engineering, then went onto getting my Bachelors in Electronic Engineering Technology.

After graduating, I started in plant maintenance, then 10 years in telecommunications. I spent two years as an IT administrator before spending a handful of years in commercial construction as a handyman. Since 2008, I’ve been working in biomedical services.


What do you consider your most important values in your role?

DS: The number one thing is always quality; it is peoples’ lives we’re dealing with. Every pump I touch, I work on it as if that pump is going to one of my family members.

Second is speed and efficiency of service. Right Way has had so much growth in the last six to seven years because we proved our value and worth day in and day out.  When pumps spend less time in biomed, it means more time in the hands of our customers to help patients and increase their revenue.


What is the process like for you and your teammates to manage and gain new certifications?

DS: To keep up with ever changing trends, we are constantly seeking out more trainings and certifications to meet our customers demands.

With the spike of COVID, we received more requests to work on pumps like the Infusomat Space and Perfusor Space, so we took initiative to get the certifications we needed to better serve our customers.

We typically partner with industries such as long-term care, home infusion pharmacies, specialty infusion clinics, and these pumps are very functional in those spaces as well, but equipment in long term care goes hand and hand with what is happening in hospitals.


How does the RWM culture inspire you?  

DS: We all take initiative and are provided the tools to take on more responsibility and wear more hats. We have the benefits of a smaller company, while maintaining and growing the strengths of a national organization because we service customers across the US.

We all buckle down and do the work, but we all know what is going on in each other’s lives and we care for each other as people first. We talk about our spouses, our significant others, our grandkids – and it provides an environment where we can grow as individuals, as well as professionals.


For someone looking to get into a role like yours, what accreditations set people up for success long term?

DS: As a company, we always look for people willing to learn and have that gumption to continue to learn throughout their career. I always tell my employees that if you are not learning, it’s time to move on.

You must be good with working with your hands and have an inquisitive mind to problem solve. Any pump that you run across that’s not working you have to be able to trouble shoot what the issue is; it could be anything from the electrical power issue to a bent door hinge.

Back in the day when l was deciding what to do, they didn’t have biomedical services as a career path, but a lot of schools now have biomedical programs to get you started. Once you have that degree, you can apply for a variety of positions.

When searching for a company, you have to find someone willing to invest in the training and their people. The company has to be willing to invest in you, as you are them, like we do at Right Way Medical to gain additional certifications.

With a proven track record, the Right Way Medical Biomedical Team continues to service customers nationwide with a typical 72-hour turnaround time. For more information regarding Right Way Medicals’ full line of services including infusion device maintenance, equipment rental & leasing flexibility, asset tracking, and IV & enteral therapy disposables, speak with the Customer Service Team at 866.948.4191 or sales@rightwaymed.com.