Right Way Medical attends Nationwide Children’s Hospital Neonatal/Perinatal Conference

“Improving the quality of Neonatal and Perinatal Care,” that was this year’s theme to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Neonatal and Perinatal Conference held in Dublin, Ohio May 14- 16th.

The conference featured topics ranging from Neonatal Research to Neonatal Pharmacology. Those in attendance were able to meet with various vendors during the exhibit times and learn more about innovative products that would help them improve the quality of care offered within their respective institutions.

INRIS Medical supported the conference and demonstrated the “Vascular Viewer” and its capability of producing highly accurate real time X-ray like images of large and small veins as well as more deeply located arteries using proprietary near infrared light (nIR) trans-illumination. Right Way Medical was able to assist in those demonstrations as many clinicians had specific questions about the functionality, versatility, and the affordability of the device. Based upon the clinical feedback and interest generated, the conference was a huge success.

Right Way Medical is committed to offering innovative products that improve the quality of care in patients and clinicians lives. Click for more information about the Vascular Viewer. Right Way Medical is pleased to offer creative financing options to healthcare institutions for the Vascular Viewer and other medical equipment needs.