Infusion Equipment Disposal

How to get rid of your old infusion pump

Just throw it away. Really. Most infusion pumps do not require any special disposal method, and you are not required to recycle them in any way.

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However, it is illegal in some US States to throw electronics in the trash. So you need to be aware of the electronic recycling laws in your state.

If you are looking to get some kind of reimbursement for your dying pump, some manufacturers and distributors buy back old pumps. Even though an old pump may be essentially useless to a patient in its current state, in many cases, qualified biomedical technicians are able to refurbish the pump to be used again or recycle it for parts to use on other repairs.

Our biomed department at Right Way Medical works hard to ensure that every pump they test and maintain operates to the standards of the manufacturer. If we recognize that we are unable to adequately service your pump any longer, Right Way Medical is in the business of buying back pumps to turn them into spare parts. You can contact your sales representative to discuss the possibility of returning your old pump.

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