A Peek Inside Right Way Medical’s Execution

Connect with one of our new hires, Andrew Kobak, as he dives into his experience onboarding
with Right Way Medical and learning our values.


Emphasis on execution is instilled within our team starting day one.

Since I was hired, I have seen how a business operates and how our industry functions.

Everything stems from the top down – including company culture.


People. Processes. Technology.

If you’ve met our CEO Josh Prati, you’ve probably heard the above phrase a time or two.

Josh has instilled within us the vision that our people, processes, and technology lead to our profitability.

Our people, who trust each other to get the job done, have developed a culture of excellence and reliability. Our processes, which are always open to change, become our backbone during times of uncertainty and we always make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. Finally, our technology such as Right Track, makes it possible to connect our facilities, pumps and many more things together to ensure a smooth throughput for our customers.

All of this is possible through the relationships we have cultivated within our industry.


Our main focus? Customers.

At Right Way Medical, each of our customers are equally important to us and we strive to provide the best possible service to each one.

The cornerstone of our service includes but is not limited to communication, responsiveness, and transparency. Fundamentally, this is what we strive to do, and is a significant reason why we are on the Columbus Fast 50 year after year.

Furthermore, it’s the reason why our customers have stayed by our side through a pandemic and global supply chain issues.

Our execution is everything because it directly reflects the quality-of-care patients receive from our customers.

I am very grateful to experience this process in each of our departments and learn how it all ties together to ultimately fulfill our mission of…


Providing our customers with the ideal experience in acquiring healthcare-related products and services.

About Andrew Kobak: 

Andrew Kobak, Inside Sales Rep, joined Right Way Medical in the spring of 2022. Kobak recently graduated from Ohio University studying finance and data analytics. The Cleveland native spends his time disappointed in the Cleveland Browns, working out, and taking part in any outdoor activity.

Connect with Andrew here or shoot him note at akobak@rightwaymed.com.

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