Eternally Grateful for EMS

May 16, 2021 marked the start of National EMS Week, and with all the disarray in the world today, communities have more reasons than ever before to recognize and support our front line workers.

Holidays like National EMS Week are a great time to say thank you and uplift the continuous accomplishments of all emergency medicine service providers, but after the week closes and thank you is said, we need to continue to celebrate the triumphs and battles of the EMS community.

Second to saying thank you, the best way the Right Way Medical team can show gratitude is to provide and support easy to use solutions to reduce stress during day to day tasks.

With robust products such as the Sapphire multi-therapy infusion pump, Right Way Medical delivers EMS workers with products they can trust, no matter the terrain. Rated for air and ground transport, the Sapphire pump is a reliable, powerful platform with high protection against impact, power surges, and fluids.

The intuitive design allows for increased ease of use for all operators. Tier one biomedical work, such as annual pump maintenance, is also simplified for EMS teams to manage, allowing less downtime for the device.

To continue to uplift the EMS community, Right Way Medical can provide products, a strategic transition and training plan, and support in a timely manner to EMS providers nationwide.

This support spans much farther than the seven days of National EMS Week. Like EMS workers show unwavering care for their communities, the Right Way Medical family shows steadfast support to the EMS workforce every day.

As the 2021 National EMS Week comes to a close, the Right Way Medical team is reminded of our gratitude for all EMS providers and first responders. We are grateful this dedicated workforce goes above and beyond to maintain and protect the well-being of our communities year-round.



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