Bringing Hospitality to Healthcare

Given equivalent ingredients and preparation, a well-presented dish will always beat a poorly presented one on “taste” in the minds of customers. A pleasingly decorated hotel room will always be more “comfortable”. In short, restaurants and hotels know that perception matters.

The focus on patient outcomes within the healthcare industry certainly isn’t news, however effectively measuring them can be challenging. Clearly patient feedback is critical to improvement, yet patients are not in a position to judge their quality of clinical care. They can only speak to their perception of care.

Healthcare Design’s recent article “Designing for the Patient” explores the impact of the total patient experience on their perception of care. They cite a study from Healthcare Management Review that concluded when clinical care was almost identical, care was perceived as superior in newly constructed facilities. Yet when healthcare executives were surveyed, 82 percent said that 5 percent or less of operating budgets were allocated to facility expansion or renovation.

No one believes that clinical care should take a backseat to the perception of care, but far more attention to customer service and the patient environment is justified.

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