Are You Innovative? Compared to Other Industries, Probably Not. 

In a recent article, Innovation at the hospital: Time for health care to catch up to other industries, by Dick Escue, chief information officer at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colo., Dick discusses information technology and the effects that healthcare reform is having on hospital systems across the country.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that efficiency is and will continue to be the key to both profitability and patient satisfaction.  Many large health systems are realizing billable procedures are not the only factors to profitability, but rather procedures, clinical outcomes, and patient experience will combine to drive future profits.

While hospitals struggle to find ways to drive new revenue for the health system, often mired by large software packages as well as stale and bloated relationships with large vendors, the alternate site in many instance is years ahead of plan.  With the pressure of continued reimbursement cuts over the past decade many home health and home infusion providers have adopted, implemented, and survey patient satisfaction across all populations and therapies.

Home infusion companies across the country continue to realize that making the patient experience their top priority is their best path to success.  For them, it is all about patient continuum of care, and successful treatments and patient outcomes.

As Dick concluded within his article, healthcare providers need to catch up with most other industries when it comes to innovation if they hope to successfully adapt to their changing environment.

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