Applying What We Learned, a Recap of the MHA Business Summit

The annual MHA Business Summit was held this week at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas form March 18-20th.

The show was very well attended by many of the biggest names in long term care pharmacy, IV and enteral pump manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and pharmacy dose packaging and billing software.  The industry trends this year remain consistent from those in the past as everyone continues to develop strategies on how to handle the regulations being instituted by the Affordable Care Act.

Adapting to change and keeping things simple seemed to be the reoccurring theme for providers as Obamacare begins to take root.   As pharmacies entertain the idea of going paperless, updating billing systems, and try to fully integrate both practices with their chosen pharmacies, many industry leaders are leaning upon each other to come up with the right solution in a complex, changing healthcare marketplace.

The conference allowed participants an interactive way to engage with experts on several of the above mentioned topics allowing attendees the ability to walk away with a potential plan that can be utilized in their day to day pharmacy operation.

Right Way Medical will be supporting the business summit next year.  Be on the lookout for our booth.  Next year’s show will be held at the Bellagio Resort and Casino from March 17-20, 2015.