A Healthy Dose of Change Prescribed by the CME Recall

How to make a strategic decision to benefit your patients.

Change is stressful, but it is also a key ingredient of success. As you begin your search for alternative infusion pumps, Right Way Medical wants to empower you with the knowledge to choose the best replacement IV pump for your patients and business needs.

Our team of experts have summarized the ambulatory and pole mounted infusion pumps that are suitable replacements for CME America’s Bodyguard and CMExpress recalled infusion pumps. Though we recommend you transition all of your patients off CME infusion pumps within the next six months, CMEA and Right Way Medical will support the devices and accessories for a one year period. This grace period provides you the flexibility to evaluate various infusion pumps and select the best alternative for your patients’ timeline.

The majority of pumps sold and serviced by Right Way Medical can be grouped into two main categories, ambulatory and pole mounted. Ambulatory pumps are smaller and more mobile, while pole mounted pumps are designed for a clinical or stationary environment. We have broken down the benefits of both groups to help you make an informed decision.


Ambulatory pumps allow patients to carry on with daily activities while still receiving treatment, making them great solutions in the home care environment.

These multi-therapy devices are compact and can be carried around with little to no negative impact in a patient’s daily life.

Though the initial cost of ownership is typically higher than a pole mounted device, the flow rate can be much more limited.

The following IV therapy pumps are widely accepted ambulatory pumps in the market.


The CADD Solis VIP features a drug library, minimal annual maintenance, and produces a higher flow rate and volume than the previously manufactured CADD Prizm Pump.

Curlin 6000

With a lightweight body, the Curlin 6000 is the first in class to have a curvilinear peristaltic design and includes extensive options and information shown on the display screen.

Nimbus II

The durable build of the Nimbus II is designed with a simple user interface and a customizable drug library with programmable safeguards.

Sapphire Multi-Therapy

Due to the compact and intuitive design, the Sapphire Multi-Therapy device is easy to transport and extremely simple to program and operate. The Sapphire Multi-Therapy device can also support traditional pole mounted infusion rates.


Pole mounted devices are larger than ambulatory pumps because they have the ability to pump higher volumes of fluids. These pumps are typically found in hospital and clinic settings as they are difficult to transport.

Maintaining a pole mounted device is usually more manageable than an ambulatory pump as they are simple to repair and more cost efficient.

Pole mounted devices are also easier to program, making them widely accepted in any clinical environment.


The purposeful, lightweight design of the Agilia contains a dose error reduction software to build a facility specific drug library and configuration.

Sapphire Multi-Therapy

Because of the high infusion rate, the Sapphire Multi-Therapy device can function as both a pole mounted and ambulatory pump.

Sigma Spectrum

The Sigma Spectrum, an acute care pump, includes a drug library, step by step prompt on screen to allow for ease of use, and enhanced data analytics for an efficient treatment plan.   

Vista Basic

Designed for simplicity, the Vista Basic is very straightforward to program and operate, and utilizes easy to load, cost effective sets.


With added pump based free-flow protection, the Z-800F is extremely reliable and intuitive to use. The robust body built of cast aluminum allows for angled pole mounting for intuitive and ease programming.

When purchasing a pump, there is more to consider than the pros and cons of the device. From how you finance the pump and accessories today, to how you service the pump in the years to come, you need to select an all-inclusive partner who can be your trusted advisor and go-to source in a time of crisis, such as the CME recall.

Partners such as Right Way Medical are the long-term solution to providing your patients and your business with the ideal care and support.

Like patients, businesses have different requirements and RWM provides tailored solutions to best meet your needs, including a combination of purchasing, renting, and leasing opportunities.

Though the above infusion pumps are recommendations from our full list of inventory to replace the CMEA Bodyguard and CMExpress, we understand you may have additional needs for your patients and we want to hear them.

To discuss a more extensive list of our available infusion pumps and financing options, call 614.396.7721 or email our team at sales@rightwaymed.com.



About Right Way Medical:

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