If You’re Not Tracking Devices, You’re Losing Money

From hospitals to home care facilities, accurately tracking and managing equipment inventory is a challenge for many, resulting in inflated inventory and replacement costs.

There are a few options available to accomplish device tracking, but no matter what type of system you are using, from an excel document to sophisticated software, the value and effectiveness of the system is only as good as the information entered.

By implementing processes where users update the location and status of inventory as a fluid part of shipping and receiving, facilities can streamline device tracking and reporting to generate greater inventory efficiencies, reducing unnecessary costs. A potentially time-consuming task, this process can get out of control if effective tools and processes are not implemented. The best way to begin utilizing any new solution is to keep it simple, so we have laid out the following schedule to consider when deploying an effective tracking system.


A Good Starting Point

At the least, we recommend you start by tracking infusion pump locations. This builds a strong foundation to keep track of what is in inventory and what is assigned. Before upgrading to a more robust platform, many people begin with an excel document. Though there is a lot of risk with this method as files can be accidentally deleted, human errors can occur, and the data can become unmanageable over time, this is a straightforward solution to track inventory levels.

A Better Way to Manage Inventory

To increase the value of the system, you can add pump transfers to different facilities, preventative maintenance dates, and when applicable, patient information such as name and therapy end date. With a HIPAA compliant system such as Right Track, this information will only be shared with those that need to see it. By increasing the patient information within any tracking system, users are less likely to misplace pumps and are more prepared for future customers. Operators can schedule pump maintenance at a convenient time based on pump availability.

The Best, Holistic Approach

The best way to manage inventory tracking is to ensure that all device activity and related information is being tracked and leverage that data for powerful reporting. By having a complete and accurate account of inventory levels by device type and status, users can better manage customer device trends, oversee preventative maintenance timelines, and quickly request additional devices to control inventory levels. As user’s comfort levels grow, an effective tracking system can be used to track multiple assets within your organization, streamlining a process that can yield high efficiency and create tremendous value for any organization.


No matter how simplified and usable the statistics are, any system is only as good as the data it receives. Right Way Medical created Right Track with this in mind. When choosing a tracking solution partner, it is important to consider not only ease-of-use, flexibility, features, and support, but also reliability, integrity, continued development, as well as data ownership.

As facilities expand, Right Track is built to grow alongside the business to track more than IV equipment. Any asset can be located with additional barcodes.

For more information on how to track all assets with Right Track, call 866.948.4191 or contact sales@rightwaymed.com.


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