Time critical in transition from Triton fp

A month ago WalkMed Infusion issued a recall of the Triton and Triton fp pole mounted infusion pumps. In that time we’ve had many conversations with oncology practices, home infusion therapy providers, and long term care pharmacies about replacing their once viable fleet with durable and trusted options that meet their individual needs.

Below are some clinical and operational considerations that you should consider when transitioning to a new vendor, particularly as there is limited time in which to make the move to a more stable infusion pump technology.


  • What therapies will be delivered through the chosen pump?
  • How durable is the device?
  • Is the software upgradeable if there are new releases?
  • How long has the pump been on the market?
  • Does the pump use a proprietary set?
  • What are the max flow and volume rates?
  • What is the clinical support and what partners are there in the industry to help triage issues?


  • What is the cost?
  • How and who can service the pump?
  • Are there opportunities to rent the pumps during peak census?
  • What are the set configurations offered and the cost associated?
  • Who does the implementation with our facilities and staff?
  • What is the ongoing support?

In our experience, there are several devices that can be considered for the replacement of the Triton fp. Pumps such as the Zyno Medical Z-800, Braun Vista Basic, Baxter 6201, and Fresinius Agilia are frequently discussed as potential alternatives. However, we believe that while all of these pumps can be suitable, the Zyno Z-800 series pole mounted infusion pump from Zyno Medical of Natick, MA excels at meeting our customers needs.

Here are a few reasons why healthcare providers like the Zyno Z-800:

  • Ease of use “Simplicity Equals Safety”
  • Ability to program in 10 different delivery modes
  • Cost effective infusion pump sets
  • Very durable, works well in the LTC (Long Term Care) marketplace
  • Available with wireless technology for EMR integration
  • Compliant with JCAHO standards
  • Inexpensive to repair
  • Easy to teach

As you make your decisions on new infusion technology through the end of the year, it is essential to consider these questions and select a platform that is reliable, durable and proven in the marketplace across a variety of healthcare segments.

Contact Right Way Medical to learn more about pole mounted infusion pump offerings and how we may assist you in the next steps to acquiring medical products that meet your specific needs.