Zyno 105″ Primary Set, 2 NF Y Sites (Proximal & Distal), BC Valve With Anti-Free Flow Clamp

SKU: B2-70072 | Administration Sets, Disposables

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105″ Primary Set
2 Needleless Y Sites (1 Above & 1 Below Pump)
Back Check Valve
Anti-Free Flow Clamp
Roller Clamp
Slide Clamp
20 drop/ mL Drip Chamber

Administration set fluid paths are sterile, non-Pyrogenic, are not made with natural rubber latex, and are not made with DEHP.
Single-use sets, universal spike, spike protector, drip chamber, male luer-lock and tip protector. 

Manufacturer: Intuvie
Quantity: CASE 50

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 14 × 23 in