The Next Best Thing in Vein Illumination

How NextVein Eased Patient, And Clinician, Comfort


“That last thing any clinician wants to hear is ‘I’m a hard stick’,” said Stefan Debski, Pharmacist in Charge and Co-Owner of Vital Care of Richmond.

“Previously, we relied on an IR partner to ‘rescue’ us when we were not able to obtain IV access. This partner closed their location servicing our area, so it was time to explore other options.”

NextVein, a vein illumination system, uses augmented reality to project the vein pattern on patient skin, bringing clarity and simplicity to clinicians. Studies show, the crisp projection helps clinicians lower sticks from 2.5 to 1.4 attempts per patient in approximately 1/3 the time.

Vein finders such as NextVein are successful during IV start, cosmetic injections, and blood draws in nearly all infusion settings including infusion clinics, surgery centers and hospitals, as well as LTC facilities.

“We utilize NextVein on about 20% of our patients,” Debski continued. “Our nurses will opt to use it both on patients where vein visualization is required, and on patients that are anxious with IV placement. Having this device helps ease the anxiety of IV placement for both the patient and our clinical team.

The nurses describe using the device as though there was an extra hand helping them with the IV placement, and once access is obtained often hear ‘the hospital always has to use an ultrasound on me.’

The device, both in its design and function, helps support our nursing staff in feeling more confident about obtaining IV access in the most difficult veins. This in turn provides a better patient experience all while curbing anxiety and saving time.”

The projection is like a flashlight, eliminating patient fear of laser imaging. The hands-free vein visualization system includes three illumination settings, adjustable to clinicians’ preference.

Illumination Settings

Style A
Style B
Style C

We were hesitant on obtaining the product due to failure of other similar products and were able to work a solution where we got to trial the device. We tried the device, which was coupled with a demonstration and training, this made the implementation seamless.

Now our nurses respond, ‘not a problem, we have NextVein!’

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