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Meet Our Team: Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt, our adept Buyer, made a significant mark when he joined the Right Way Medical team in 2022.

Known for closing top-notch deals and keeping our shelves stocked, Greg brings a personal touch to the workplace. Embracing daily challenges with a can-do spirit, he’s been an asset to our team.

Get to know our Buyer, Greg Hunt!

What originally drew you to RWM?

After speaking with Josh and Isaac I appreciated the integrity and honesty they fostered and wanting to treat our customers and employees the same way I would want to be treated.


What’s your favorite family tradition?

We do an awesome white elephant gift exchange every year at Christmas. The latest favorite gift being swapped is a large Olan Mills canvas picture of my younger sister when she was 16. It’s on its 4th year!


How do you connect with Right Way Medical’s core values of people, process and technology?

Treating others with respect and honor is what I am happy to be associated with. When the operations team has an opportunity to make something happen for a customer in need with a short turnaround time, it helps solidify why customers can always count on Right Way Medical.

Favorite food:

Pizza or Skyline Coneys.

Favorite book or tv show:

My favorite book is the Bible.

Pick your walk-up song:

I can’t pick one! Hold On Loosely or Caught Up In You by 38 Special or It’s a Good Day by my friend John from McGuffey Lane.

What was your first job?

My next-door neighbor was a cook at International House of Pancakes, and he was able to get me a job let’s just say before I was legally allowed to work! I was a busboy and ran the dishwasher. I was the best dressed under 16-year-old in the neighborhood!


What is the favorite part of your role?

Everyday there is something new that needs to be completed. It can be finding a new item for a customer or locating a hard-to-find item; but at the end of the day, it is rewarding when we can meet our customers’ needs.

Greg’s personal touch has redefined our workplace culture. As our trusted Buyer, he embodies the core values of people, process, passion, and technology that are at the heart of Right Way Medical. Grounded in integrity, Greg ensures our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. Let’s raise a virtual toast to Greg Hunt, an integral part of our ongoing success story at Right Way Medical.


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