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Caitlin “Cait” Jurgensen is a Trade Relations Specalist at KORU Medical. Cait is responsible for developing and managing KORU’s pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor partnerships. Along with expanding KORU’s partnerships, Cait also manages KORU’s social media accounts.


Get to know KORU’s Trade Relations Specialist Cait!

Who or what inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

I honestly never expected to end up in sales, since my first love was design. However, I’ve always enjoyed working with people and love the independence that comes with working in this field.

What originally drew you to KORU?

I briefly worked for KORU (formerly RMS) as a junior graphic designer back in 2012. I felt passionately about the products, and loved being able to help our patients. When I left to pursue a career as a toy packaging designer, my childhood best friend took over my position and worked at KORU for 8 years before asking if I wanted to come back as a Marketing Specialist. How could I say no to an opportunity to work with my best friend all while supporting a company I believe in? Although my role has evolved since then, the passion I feel for our patients remains just as fervent as it did eleven years ago.

What is one thing that isn’t listed on your resume but defines you?

One thing that isn’t listed on my resume but defines me is my encyclopedic knowledge of useless information. Need to know who the lead singer is of that obscure 90s alt rock band, or   need a partner for trivia night? I’ve got you covered.

Favorite Food

This is tough one! It changes all the time, but I think tacos are my favorite at the moment.

Favorite TV Show

Parks and Rec is my go-to comfort show. I’ve seen it more times than I can count.

Favorite Animal

 Cats! I have two pet cats and I love them dearly.

Use three words to describe KORU. Why?

I would say KORU is patient-centric, dedicated, and innovative. The patient comes first in everything that we do, and we always try to go the extra mile for our customers, providers, and partners who depend on our devices. We’ve also greatly expanded our R&D team, and have a lot of new and exciting innovations in the pipeline.

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