Insignis–26G™ Subcutaneous Needle Set Now Available



Columbus, Ohio (December 21, 2023) – Innovative Health Sciences (IHS) and Right Way Medical launch partnership, granting Right Way Medical customers access to the Insignis–26G™ Subcutaneous Needle Sets.

Right Way Medical is a national concierge of medical products, focusing on infusion services. With major partnerships nationwide, Right Way has created a ripple effect in the post-acute market from their transparency and responsiveness.

IHS has developed an innovative subcutaneous and intravenous infusion product line that meets the needs of nearly all infusion markets including home care, hospitals, and ambulatory infusion clinics.

The Insignis–26G™ Subcutaneous Needle Set is a new and improved 26G needle that provides a lower pain profile while meeting the demands of high flow rates. The 26G needle sets replaces all needles from 27G to 24G while meeting drug performance requirements and decreasing SKU’s.

The IHS system represents a paradigm shift in simplicity, excellence, cost effectiveness, usability and patient-centered design.

Andrew Sealfon | IHS Founder, Chairman, and CTO

The needle sets have a one-handed audible and tactile snap feature to help prevent against needle stick injury. The needle’s state-of-the-art butterfly wings also include a built-in nest to hold a 90-degree insertion angle allowing for a comfortable, smooth positioning on the skin, which may help to reduce insertion pain.

Additionally, the versatile Insignis–26G™ Subcutaneous Needle Sets can be integrated with electric and mechanical infusion pumps alike.

The Insignis–26G™ Subcutaneous Needle Sets are available immediately through Right Way Medical.


About Right Way Medical:

Right Way Medical is a national concierge of medical products for alternate site, long-term care, and specialty pharmacy providers. We set the standard for transparency and responsiveness while delivering infusion devices, disposables, biomedical services, and asset tracking software, Right Track.


About Innovative Health Sciences LLC:

New York-based Innovative Health Sciences, LLC (IHS) provides innovative solutions to the infusion healthcare market, including home care, hospital, ambulatory, military, clinic, and medically underserved populations. IHS’ approach is patient-centric and future-oriented; our goal is to provide the highest quality of life by empowering the patient to take control of their infusion. IHS was founded by Andrew I. Sealfon, an experienced engineer and inventor with over 40 patents in the United States.