How to fix Curlin 6000 early low batteries alert

No need to stock up on C batteries for your Curlin 6000 patients, MOOG Medical has released the 2.04 software upgrade that fixes an early low battery alert.

Previous software versions could show low battery alerts even when the batteries were more than 75% charged. Not only did this produce a stressful and disruptive patient experience, but also caused providers increased service interactions and wasted money on batteries that shouldn’t have needed replacing. The issue does not impact pumps running on AC adapters, however requiring patients to stay tethered to a wall negates the convenience of a portable pump.

How to know if your Curlin 6000 needs upgraded

  1. Power your pump up
  2. Watch the boot sequence
  3. Note the software version
  4. If less than 2.04, you should upgrade







How to upgrade

Upgrading to the 2.04 software must be done by MOOG trained and certified companies. Fortunately, Right Way Medical has the necessary training and certification to upgrade your pumps. Contact us today at 866.948.4191 or here to learn more.