Everyone Has a Role to Play

Who is a better basketball player Michael Jordan or LeBron James?  How about quarterbacks? Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning?  As we ponder the question, the key is not who is better, but who brings out the best in their team and others by understanding their current role?

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins often discusses this point.  From the C suite to the caregiver, are you working with a company that understands their role?

When selecting a company to distribute your medical products and be in a role of a service provider you should consider the following:

  • They must be highly educated in their specific area of distributing medical products
  • They constantly provide solutions that create value on a daily basis
  • They are forward thinking when it comes to seeing potential roadblocks within your respective industry
  • They show interest in constantly making your experience better
  • They treat you as if you are their one and only customer
  • They always have your best interests in mind when making recommendations

Don’t settle for mediocrity.  It will only create more work and expense in the long run.  Challenge your service provider on what they see their role being with your organization, assess their response, and make a decision.   Your chosen provider should be your largest asset as long as they understand their role.