Enteral Feeding Pumps and IDDSI Standards

Matching Enteral Pump Capabilities with IDDSI Levels for Effective Dysphagia Management

In the world of enteral nutrition, the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) has emerged as a crucial framework, ensuring consistency and safety in the preparation and administration of dysphagia-friendly diets. Let’s delve into how two enteral feeding pumps, the Kangaroo Omni and Kangaroo Joey align with IDDSI standards.


IDDSI categorizes food and drink textures into eight levels, ranging from Level 0 (Thin Liquids) to Level 7 (Regular Food). Each level corresponds to specific viscosity and particle size requirements, tailored to meet the needs of individuals with dysphagia.


The IDDSI Framework explains in detail each level, including description and characteristics, physiological rationale for level of thickness, and IDDSI Flow Test.

Kangaroo Omni

The Kangaroo Omni pump is a versatile enteral feeding pump designed to meet the demands of various clinical settings. It accommodates a broad spectrum of formulas, making it suitable for IDDSI levels ranging from Mildly Thick (Level 2) to Extremely Thick (Level 4). This flexibility allows healthcare professionals to customize feeding regimens according to patients’ specific dysphagia requirements.


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Kangaroo Joey

With its compact design and portability, the Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pump is a popular choice for home care and on-the-go nutrition. It is compatible with IDDSI levels from Thin (Level 0) to Slightly Thick (Level 1) providing a reliable solution for a wide range of dysphagia-friendly formulas.


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Navigating the IDDSI standards is crucial in ensuring the well-being of individuals with dysphagia. The Kangaroo Omni and Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pumps each offer unique features, catering to specific IDDSI levels. By understanding the compatibility of these pumps with IDDSI standards, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions to provide optimal care for patients with dysphagia.