Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to Start Comprehensive Vascular Access Trial

Right Way Medical and InfraRed Imaging Systems (INRIS) commenced a comprehensive trial of the VascularViewer® with the Department of Anesthesia at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

INRIS’s VascularViewer produces highly accurate real time X-ray like images of large and small veins as well as more deeply located arteries using proprietary near infrared light (nIR) trans-illumination technology. Other near infrared light vascular imaging products use a reflectance method that produces less accurate images and only approximate the location of large superficially located veins. INRIS’s unique approach provides a number of benefits that significantly reduce the time and cost of vascular access, enables placement of IVs in patients presenting difficult vascular access, and improve the quality of patient care.

Dale Siegel, President of INRIS Medical had this to say about the trial kick off: “We are excited to embark on this trial and receive feedback from the variety of clinicians that will be exposed to the quality of images that we generate with the Vascular Viewer. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Department of Anesthesia understands the value in the ability of the VascularViewer to transmit clear images of anatomically correct venous access points, as well as arterial blood supply. ”

Right Way Medical will be assisting in the follow up and clinical feedback of the trial and will also assist in the creative financing and price schedule once the clinical evaluation is complete. “Right Way Medical is honored to be involved in this clinical trial. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is one of the nation’s leading healthcare institutions. Partnering with INRIS Medical on this product trial allows Right Way Medical to showcase the company’s full capabilities from the initial trial phase to negotiating a fair contract to acquire the equipment”, said Josh Prati, President and CEO of Right Way Medical.

For more information about the Vascular Viewer please see our Vascular Access page. Right Way Medical is committed to partnering with manufacturers that understand the importance of innovation.