Experiment With Equipment Without The Fear Of Commitment

How to keep your capital flexible

There is an anti-rental sentiment that seems to be common amongst clinics and pharmacies; however, in today’s market, we encourage customers to think about all the available financing options for IV pumps and medical equipment before deciding which best fits their needs. There are many viable reasons why one should investigate different ownership options.

Here are five reasons why renting equipment can be beneficial to your pharmacy or clinic:

    1. Renting equipment offers your pharmacy or clinic flexibility when dealing with spikes in patient census.
    2. There is no commitment to specific devices. If a device comes to you with any issue, your pharmacy can return it and ask for a new device.
    3. By not having your money tied up in a long-term lease, renting can save on cash flow.
    4. It gives you the opportunity to “test drive” the equipment. If you are considering a major change, try renting some units for a couple of months, giving you time to assess the devices’ capabilities.
    5. No preventative maintenance costs. If a pump is due for a PM, send it back to your provider and ask for a new device.

As your business continues to grow and healthcare continues to change, it is important to know your options. Renting your equipment is just one of our many solutions we provide to resolve financial and time restraints. Right Way Medical is dedicated to offering our customers custom financial options for every unique situation.


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