Norfolk Low Flow Aqua-C Hydration System

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80cc/hr., Gravity Flow, 36 Height. 2 X (27g X 6mm) Needles Offset 1.5 On A Flexible Base With Adhesive Backing, With A Female Luer, And 1 Tubing. 82 20-drop IV Administration Set With Universal Spike And Flow Regulator. Prep Swab, Gauze, Latex-Free Gloves, And Transparent Dressing.

Manufacturer: Norfolk Medical Products
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With the Aqua-C Hydration System, hypodermoclysis is now simple, easy to administer, and relatively painless for the patient.

Hypodermoclysis, the infusion of fluid into the subcutaneous space, is an easy and convenient way of providing hydration for long-term care patients where venous access can be difficult or is unacceptable.

The Aqua-C is easier and less distressing to administer than IV hydration, more suitable for home use, and often eliminates the need for hospitalization to find a vein. The Aqua-C’s smaller 27 gauge x 6mm long needles enhance patient comfort while multiple needles promote even fluid dispersion.

Hypodermoclysis does not cause thrombophlebitis and it is less likely than IV administration to cause pulmonary edema or fluid overload.

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box 5