How To: Returning Your Infusion Equipment

Simplified Pump Packaging Process

Is it time to send your pump back to our warehouse? Follow these instructions to properly package your infusion equipment and mitigate fees that may accrue due to damage during transit.


FIRST: Find a box that is suitable for the size of the product you are returning. A box that is too small won’t provide the necessary protection and stability, while a box that is too large will leave room for the pump to slide around and become damaged.

SECOND: Acquire cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, styrofoam, cardboard, etc. Make sure that the materials are thick and supportive enough to hold the pump in place with minimal to no movement.

Take your time lining the box and wrapping the pump with protective cushioning. You should fill all empty spaces and crevices to ensure that the product does not have room to move freely about the box.

THIRD: Proceed to close the package, but don’t seal yet. If you have any notes to add about your device, now is the time to do so. Only once you’re certain the product is securely packed inside the box should you seal it for sending. Use packing tape to secure all openings.

FOURTH: At this point, your package is almost ready to go! Print off a shipping label and adhere to the box. Hand your package over to your delivery driver or drop it off at your preferred shipping location.

But wait, there’s more.

We’ve probably all returned a product that we shoved haphazardly back into its box and left it for the manufacturer to deal with, whether the packaging was destroyed or too complex to reconfigure. Right Way Medical understands. That’s why we streamlined our process for returning equipment to make it as simple for the customer as possible.

If the above process is too time, energy or resource consuming for your operation, consider using Right Way Medical’s asset return boxes.

Right Way Medical customers looking to return infusion equipment to us for whatever reason can purchase asset return boxes, which feature simple and optimized pump packaging instructions.