Right Way Medical Asset Return Boxes

About Our Asset Return Boxes

We understand that returning products causes the occasional headache.

That’s why we’ve worked with our warehouse to provide customers with simple asset return boxes designed to make packing your products hassle-free.

Right Way Medical’s asset return boxes come in two sizes – small and large. They arrive to you with or without a shipping label, pending your order, and are ready to be returned to our warehouse where they will then be unpacked and serviced.

The boxes include all necessary packaging to protect the equipment inside. Small asset return boxes are lined with foam inserts that will hold pumps in place, while the larger sizes feature cardboard stabilizers to keep the product stationary during shipping.

Once you receive your asset return box, you and your patients will have everything that you need to return your equipment.



Instructions For Use:

Asset Return Box

For smaller return boxes, open the preassembled box and ensure the protective cushioning is lining the inside. Next, orient your pump in the center of the box so the pump isn’t loose during transportation. After carefully inserting your pump, seal the package, and make sure the pump isn’t moving freely around the box.

For our larger asset boxes, simply connect the four cardboard, protective walls into a rectangle by sliding the corner cutouts together. There are four walls, including two shorter sides and two longer sides. Make sure to align the longer sides parallel to one another. Place the assembled rectangle into the box with the top open. Insert the wrapped pump into the center of the box. The remaining cardboard should fit across the top of the device, holding it in place when the lid is taped shut.

If your pump feels secure in its return asset box, you’re almost done!

The last steps are to confirm the address on the shipping label and attach to the box, then hand the package over to your shipping provider. From there, the pump will journey back to our warehouse where we disinfect, service and repair infusion equipment in-house.