Medline 600mL Phlebotomy Bags W/ 16g Attached

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The Macollect range allows for the safe disposal of high-risk medical waste. These closed systems are used to collect hazardous or potentially hazardous fluids: blood, peritoneal fluid, pleural fluid, etc.

Manufacturer: Medline
Quantity: CASE 20


  • Vacuvam integrated sampling device. Provides greater efficiency for obtaining patient samples.
  • Secuvam needle guard system imparts a significant safety enhancement for staff performing the phlebotomy.
  • Volume markings allow staff to accurately determine the volume of blood drawn.
  • Up to 600 mL draw volume to allow aggressive therapy when necessary.
  • Integrated luer lock infusion site to allow post phlebotomy infusion of blood products or IV fluids.
  • Double beveled, double silicone coated patented 16G MacoPharma needle provides a high degree of comfort

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