Cardinal ChemoPlus IVA Security Seals For Viaflex Bags (Red)

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Ensures Reconsituted Medication Is Not Further Diluted Or Enhanced Prior To Administering To A Patient.

Tamper-Evident Seal Self Destructs Upon Attempted Removal And Support Your Facility’s USP <797> and <800> Compliance Practices.

Manufacturer: Cardinal Health
Quantity: PACK 1000


ChemoPlus™ IVA seals for I.V. bags are sterile seals that protect point of entry of IV admixtures from contamination and accidental double dosing. They have a dual warning system in which seals self-destruct upon attempted removal, and needle punctures are highly visible in laminted foil. Having ChemoPlus™ IVA seals on bags instantly alerts staff that a durg has been added. Latex Free.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 7.4 × 7.8 × 1.9 in


PACK 1000