Eitan Sapphire 93″ Microbore Half Set W Admin Cassette, Female Luer Lock, Slide Clamp, NF Y Site, Spin Male Luer Lock (AP416-01)

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AP416-01 Microbore Set With A Female Luer Lock, Fx Administration Cassette, Slide Clamp, Needleless Y-site, And Spin Male Luer Lock.

Female Luer Lock + Cap
PVC Tube 1.5×3 (500mm)
Fx Administration Cassette
PVC Tube 1.5×3 (1,600mm)
Slide Clamp
PVC Sleeve Tubing 3×4.2
Needleless Y-site
PVC Tube 1.5×3 (500mm)
Spin Male Luer Lock + Cap

Total Length: ~93in (For Reference Only)

Priming Volume: ~5mL

Manufacturer: Eitan Medical
Quantity: CASE 30

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in