Right Way Medical Expands Columbus Warehouse to Meet Growing Demand

Right Way Medical Takes a Strategic Step to Enhance Service & Support for Clients


Columbus, OH (May 21,2024) – Right Way Medical takes another stride forward in their commitment to impeccable service by expanding their Columbus warehouse and office space. As a trusted partner with 10 years of industry experience, Right Way Medical prioritizes precision in product selection, service, and financing solutions for medical equipment such as infusion pumps and disposables to long term care facilities, home infusion providers, specialty pharmacies, infusion suites and more.

This significant expansion reflects Right Way Medical’s dedication to meeting the escalating needs of healthcare providers. By nearly tripling their warehouse size, Right Way Medical ensures swift access to a wider range of high-quality medical equipment, empowering healthcare facilities to deliver exceptional care effectively.

We’re thrilled about the growth and expansion of our Columbus warehouse, which reflects our unwavering commitment to better serve our clients. This milestone not only demonstrates our dedication to addressing the evolving demands of the healthcare industry but also reinforces our promise to provide unmatched service and support.

Isaac Mowder |COO, Right Way Medical

The expansion kicks off a big 2024 year for RWM. The team is heading to NICA in June, excited to once again partner with the National Infusion Center Association team on the National Infusion Center of Excellence (NICE) Expo. The team is eager to expose both new and experienced infusion centers to high-quality products tailored to fit their custom needs.