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Meet Amsino Medical Group


Amsino Medical Group is an international manufacturer and distributor of medical devices across various product categories including IV and sterile water and saline.

Long before Right Way was founded, Josh Prati, President & CEO of RWM, worked closely with Amsino Medical, establishing the foundation for the trusted business relationship that we have today. When Josh founded Right Way nearly a decade ago it was a natural transition to maintain his existing relationship with Amsino.

This year, Amsino is proud to be celebrating their 30th anniversary and has been led by Dr. Richard Lee since its founding in 1993. When asked about the celebration of their anniversary, he shared “It is all about the people! As we celebrate this significant milestone in our history, my thoughts turn gratefully to the people we have the pleasure of working with – employees, customers and business partners. Without their support, dedication, trust, creativity and hard work, our successes in these years would not have been possible.”

Read on to review highlights of a few of Amsino’s products available from Right Way.

Flow Controller IV Sets

IV administration sets with flow control devices are designed to control IV fluid using a regulator dial to control the rate of infusion. Amsino’s product features clear markings on the dial to ensure the user can easily set a specific flow rate. These sets feature Sure-Lok® needle-free Y-sites.

IV Pump Administration Sets

Amsino Medical Group holds 510k clearance for IV pump sets for use with both Baxter Spectrum and Flo-Guard® 6201 and 6301 series pumps. IV Pump Administration Sets are available in both Sure-Lok® needle-free connector and pre-pierced Y-injection site options. The TUBETECH® technology provides +/-5% accurate fluid delivery over 24 hours.

Pre-Filled Saline Flush Syringes

Amsino is one of the only manufacturers of both IV sets and flush syringe products. Amsino’s comprehensive line of pre-filled saline flush syringes includes 3, 5, 10, and 20mL options. Not only that, but they offer both standard dust cover and sterile field level packaging. Right Way Medical has active available stock of Amsino brand flush syringes available for order.


Our steadfast partnership with Amsino has opened many product offerings for our customers.

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