Flow Regulators, the Easy Choice

In today’s IV market many clinics, pharmacies and home infusion companies are looking for more economic alternatives to deliver continuous infusions to their patients, and IV flow regulators are a popular option.

A flow regulator, sometimes referred to as a dial-a-flow, is used to regulate the flow of fluid through an IV to ensure a constant flow rate. Dial-a-flow extension sets and IV flow regulator tubing are an excellent money saving alternative to infusion pumps while providing free-flow protection.

Although flow regulators do not offer as consistent performance as many ambulatory and pole mounted infusion pumps, many manufacturers have been able to dial in the accuracy to an acceptable range (+/- 10%). Flow regulators are simple to implement with an infusion patient causing clinical teams not to need much training.  There are some factors that inhibit performance of these devices such as type of medication being delivered, patient symptoms, and the environment in which the infusion is being performed.



  • More accurate than a gravity IV
  • Easy to teach and implement
  • More cost effective than managing an ambulatory or pole mounted infusion pump
  • Multiple configurations to choose from based upon current IV standards
  • No device tracking needed


  • Not as accurate as an ambulatory or pole mounted infusion pump
  • Can leak on occasion if not properly used
  • Slower on delivery of specific medications
  • Regulated manually
  • Not reimbursable as it is not considered a medical device

Right Way Medical recently increased our private label inventory to include a safe flow regulator set (RWM-IFR01); increasing product availability for long term care and home infusion pharmacies.

We recently launched item RWM-IFR01 to our private label selection and can also be found in our Clysis Kit (SKU RWM-69K-CLYS).

  1. Spike Cap
  2. Universal Vented/Non-vented Spike (20 drops/mL)
  3. Air Filter
  4. Blue Vent Cap Ari
  5. Non-DEHP Drip Chamber
  6. Solution Filter (15μm)
  7. PVC Tubing
  1. Roller Clamp
  2. 300mL Flow Regulator
  3. PVC Tubing (2.9 mm ID x 4.05 mm OD x 1250 mm L)
  4. Latex Free Y-injection Site
  5. PVC Tubing ((2.9 mm ID x 4.05 mm OD x 150 mm L)
  6. Male Swivel Luer Lock
  7. Dust Cap

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