Why Banks aren’t Lending but the Private Sector Is

Although the economy seems to be heading in the right direction from the outside, taking a deeper look at lending habits and the regulations that have been instituted on the larger banks indicates a different picture.

As business owners continue to seek creative financing through the private sector, there are three questions that must remain in the back of their minds:

  1. Does the company have a solid, presentable balance sheet, profit and loss statement?
  2. Is the partner that we are engaging the right partner for me and do they support the company’s goals?
  3. Are the current owners willing to personally guarantee the money if asked to do so?

Keeping the above questions in mind Richard X. Bove, equity research analyst at Rafferty Capital Markets, sums up the current credit market and explains who is lending and who isn’t in his article “The new rulers of the financial system”.

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