When is the Right Time to Consider New Technology?

“Switching Costs” are well known in enterprise software. In fact they are often deliberately designed. Companies know that the harder and more expensive it is for you to switch from their software to a competitor, the less likely you are to switch – even when it makes overwhelming sense for you to do so.

You’ve no doubt heard someone comment that “There is never a good time to make a switch to a new medical device or IV pump”. However, implementing new IV pumps in your business doesn’t have to be painful or expensive.

As patient demand lessens during the summer months, many institutional pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, and home infusion providers strategically evaluate new IV pump technology for their practice. Below are some reasons to consider the timing of implementing new IV pumps in your business:

  • How old is your current fleet?
  • How frequently do they require repair?
  • What is your economic ability to purchase new devices?
  • Will the new device enhance the ability to effectively treat patients?
  • Are there competitive and creative financing options available?
  • Do the devices that are currently available meet your needs?

Many vendors lack the ability to assist through the entire process, so finding one that can walk you from start to finish is critical. Here are some criteria to set when assessing a current vendor or considering a new vendor for the transition:

  • Does the vendor offer lease, credit, and rental options?
  • Can the vendor perform yearly service?
  • Who handles the implementation from start to finish?
  • Can the vendor support additional products other than pumps?
  • What are the purchasing terms and conditions?

Your distribution vendor should strive to provide a seamless approach to any transition. A good distribution partner will go out of their way to assist you through the entire process. A good distribution partner retains your business through excellent service – not artificially inflated switching costs.

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