Top 5 iPhone Apps for Nurses

Nursing relies more and more on complex knowledge and accurate calculations. If you’re like most nurses, the hectic care environment and pace of work means your memory isn’t always as reliable as you’d like it to be. That’s why iPhone nursing apps are increasingly useful, even necessary. To make your job easier, here are the top five nursing apps you need to try.


Navigate more easily through the hard-to-follow tangles of prescription medications with Epocrates. The app includes all the information you need for safe drug administration, and makes calculations based on patient data such as BMI easy. Epocrates determines drug interactions for up to 30 drugs at once — imagine doing that in your head! Check the insurance coverage of drugs to recommend the most appropriate drugs for a patient’s situation. Got a mysterious pill? Identify drugs based on appearance and inscription. Stay informed with news and research updates.


Infuse is your one-stop app for accurate dosing. Using either iPhone sliders or the familiar medication grid, you can easily calculate any infusion or bolus. Once you select a drug, you can revise and edit amounts, and then add or remove other drugs from your current selection. Find bolus duration, route and frequency information as well. To find a particular drug, customizable categories makes sorting drugs easy.

Perfect OB Wheel

Leave the paper wheel behind; OB calculations are easy with Perfect OB Wheel. Choose your starting data, such as last period, date of conception, due date, or dating by ultrasound, and get fast results. Data entry is speedy; spin the wheel, or tap data into the numeric pad. Then, get back more information than any wheel can give, such as trimester end dates, gestational and conceptional age, and expected fetal length and height. The app stores pictures for each patient, and accounts for leap years. It’s a time-saving must for any OB nurse.


Handling pediatric emergency care is easier and faster with PediSTAT. Designed by an ER physician, it replaces shelves of books and makes ER care safer by cutting information retrieval time. Using the minimal data that’s often available in emergency situations, such as age, birth date, and physical measurements, you can perform lifesaving drug and equipment calculations. Spend less time thinking, and more time saving children’s lives.

Nursing Central

Bringing five powerful nursing applications together, Nursing Central puts vast amounts of knowledge at your fingertips. The drug guide provides extensive information on thousands of drugs, and a dictionary with visual aids clarifies medical terminology. Get the information you need about testing, procedures and aftercare. Look up over 250 conditions, and search over 22,000 medical abstracts for comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge. Search across all indexes, and follow conveniently placed links for efficient information discovery.

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