Right Way Medical Leads the Way: #1 Distributor of Z-800F Pump in 2023

Setting the Standard for Quality and Service in Medical Product Distribution

Columbus, OH (March 8, 2024) – In 2023, Right Way Medical proudly secured the title of the top distributor for Intuvie’s Z-800F infusion pump, reaffirming their commitment to excellence in the healthcare industry.

Right Way Medical serves as a nationwide provider of medical products for diverse healthcare settings, including alternate sites, long-term care facilities, and specialty pharmacies. The company prioritizes transparency and prompt delivery of infusion devices, disposables, biomedical services, and advanced asset tracking software through its innovative platform, Right Track.

Their success is amplified by its partnership with Intuvie, a leading brand dedicated to leveraging innovative technology that simplifies complex healthcare processes.  Intuvie helps optimize clinician workflow with products that are simple, intuitive, durable, and designed for ease of use by clinicians and patients.

Intuvie’s Z-800 series of large-volume pumps (Z-800F and Z-800WF) are designed specifically for healthcare providers and pharmacies in alternate care settings, including long-term-care and specialty pharmacies, physician practice oncology infusion centers, and other community-based ambulatory infusion centers.

Check Intuvie’s Z-800F features here.


“Right Way Medical produced exceptional results with our large volume Z-800F infusion pump by emphasizing its durability, reliability, safety, simplicity of operation, low total cost of ownership and responsive service support. The Right Way team should be proud of what they accomplished in 2023 and we look forward to their continued momentum in 2024.”

Gary Foster |Vice President, Business Development of Intuvie

Right Way’s achievement symbolizes the company’s steadfast commitment to addressing the varied needs of healthcare providers and patients. Through consistent delivery of high-quality products such as the Z-800F pump, Right Way enables healthcare professionals to administer care with assurance and efficacy. The company takes satisfaction in fostering the growth of its partners as it collaborates with them to enhance healthcare delivery.

About Right Way Medical:

Right Way Medical is a national concierge of medical products for alternate sites, long-term care, and specialty pharmacy providers. We prioritize transparency and responsiveness while delivering infusion devices, disposables, biomedical services, and asset tracking software through our innovative platform, Right Track.


About Intuvie:

Intuvie is proud to serve hundreds of thousands of patients every day.  The company provides innovative technology that clinicians and patients rely on including software that integrates medical devices to the hospital EMR and simple, intuitive infusion pumps in alternate care settings that deliver therapies to patients. Intuvie stands ready to serve its loyal and growing base of healthcare providers and their patients.