Right Way Medical and Snap Medical Partner to Launch Epinephrine Snap Kits

Columbus, OH (June 12, 2024) – Right Way Medical is excited to announce its new partnership with Snap Medical to introduce an innovative range of Epinephrine Kits. The collaboration brings the Epinephrine Snap-V, Epinephrine Snap-EMS, and Epinephrine Snap kits to the forefront of patient care and is designed to enhance safety and compliance in various medical settings, from infusion suites to emergency medical services.

Epinephrine Snap-V
Epinephrine Snap-EMS
Epinephrine Snap

The Epinephrine Snap-V is specifically designed to ensure prompt and reliable administration of epinephrine in anaphylactic emergencies. It includes three Epinephrine Syringes, providing healthcare professionals with a great solution to quickly treat severe allergic reactions. The kit’s compact design ensures immediate access to epinephrine, allowing for rapid use during critical moments. This kit is crafted to treat anaphylaxis in patients weighing 15 kg (33 lbs.) or more.


The Epinephrine Snap-EMS kit meets the protocols of the emergency medical market, designed for patients 15 kg (33 lbs.) or more. Each kit includes one vial of epinephrine (1 mg/mL) and supplies for two doses, utilizing the same Epinephrine Syringes.


The Epinephrine Snap kit is versatile, suitable for adults, teens, and pediatric patients. It includes a vial of epinephrine (1 mg/mL) and three 1 mL Non-Residue Gasket Syringes, for minimal dead space, allowing precise dosing and reducing drug waste.


*These kits are assembled in an FDA-approved facility, ensuring top safety and quality standards.



We’ve seen a significant demand for epinephrine kits that cater to both emergency and routine medical needs. Our partnership with Snap Medical enables us to bring these essential products to the market, enhancing the level of care we can offer our clients. This collaboration not only expands our product line but also strengthens our commitment to patient safety and effective medical solutions. We are proud to provide healthcare providers with reliable, high-quality tools that meet the highest standards.


Matt Burns |National Sales Manager at Right Way Medical

Nancy Stamps, President of Snap Medical, shared her excitement: “Opportunity grows when you are working with experts. Right Way Medical demonstrates its expertise in the infusion space every day by providing quality products and service. Snap Medical, a provider of Epinephrine Kits for treating anaphylaxis, goes hand in hand with Right Way Medical’s products, ensuring infusion suites are safe and actively comply with NICA standards.



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About Snap Medical

Snap Medical is a leading provider of Epinephrine Kits designed to treat anaphylaxis. The company is dedicated to delivering high-quality medical products that enhance patient care and safety. Snap Medical’s products are developed with a focus on innovation and compliance with industry standards.