Nimbus II Flex

Oncology Practices Increase Efficiency and Productivity with Nimbus® II Flex Ambulatory Pump


The Nimbus II Flex streamlines infusions from start to finish, simplifying therapy for both patients and clinicians in oncology practices.

Optimized for continuous low-volume infusions like chemotherapy, the Nimbus II Flex ambulatory pump provides additional control during extended infusions to treat cancers such as colon, pancreatic, and stomach. With various oncology treatments averaging 46 hours, infusion end times can fluctuate because of the variation of pump accuracy. This variability typically results in inconsistent treatment scheduling, patient wait times, and possible compliance issues. The Nimbus II Flex maintains its delivery accuracy tolerances (± 5%) throughout the treatment, keeping patients and clinical staff on schedule. This could lead to improved patient experiences and increased clinic throughput.

In any infusion setting, it is important to eliminate programing complications with the device. The Nimbus II Flex ambulatory pump on-board infusion protocols reduce the risk for programming errors.

Safety Features

  • Electronically programmed with auto rate calculation
  • Customizable & preloaded chemo library
  • Up & down occlusion detection for increased patient safety
  • Set-based free-flow protection
  • Auto locking keypad

About the size of a travel-sized tissue pack and totaling just over six ounces, it is the smallest and lightest electronic pump making it ideal for the alternate site market.  Complementary to the pump are smart disposables such as a hard-shell case to protect medication, 1.2 and 0.2 micron filter for air elimination, and set-based luer lock protection.

Right Way Medical has already found success with this device. Though no patient or clinic has the same two needs, Clinicians found the new device very simple to use, so implementing the device is a very smooth transition. In many instances, we can lower the cost per infusion by replacing elastomeric pumps with the Nimbus II Flex ambulatory pump, which offers a safer and more accurate infusion.

Lindsay Paolina |National Accounts Manager, Right Way Medical

To learn more about the Nimbus II Flex ambulatory pump program, contact the Right Way Medical Team at 614.396.7721 or