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Meet Our Team: Adam Sparks

Biomed services are what keeps your fleet healthy. From efficient turnaround times to trustworthy service, our biomedical service team is at the heart of our business.

When Adam Sparks joined our team, he hit the ground running. His extensive technical background and passion to help others fit the Right Way Medical mold naturally.

Learn about Adams favorite things and why he joined RWM!

Describe your role in one sentence.

I audit the pumps for any defects that could shorten the life of the pump, as well as verifying that the pump works to the best of it’s ability for anyone who uses it.


What first attracted you to RWM?

I’ve always been customer focused, from my time in food to my time in semiconductor manufacturing. I prided myself on the fact that if I wouldn’t trust what I was handing off implicitly, then I was falling short.


If you could pick any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation, this would make shipping/ordering/traveling exponentially easier. Thereby saving so much money on a myriad of things.



Favorite food: Chimichanga. I love a good fried burrito.

Favorite TV show or book: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Go to karaoke song: “Sound of Silence” or “That’s life”



What company values can you relate to the most?

I would say that I relate most to our drive for the right product, right services, at the right price. When I work on something, I just want to make sure it functions to the best of its ability as well as long as possible. This usually requires strict audits and testing, which I take pride in as I don’t want to give a customer something I myself wouldn’t trust.


What is the best advice you have for someone just starting out their career?

My best advice is, no matter what field you are in, find the tasks that most don’t wish to do. Then, excel at them. Make them an essential part of who you are and you will become indispensable.


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to the European countryside and spend hours looking at the ruins of old castles and fortifications. I have always been interested in history, especially linchpin moments of our leap forward in technological advancements.

We partner with major manufactures so you can trust our technicians are backed by manufacturer support. All of our facilities have biomedical services allowing our team to touch all devices within 72 hours of receiving.

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About Right Way Medical

With the goal to simplify the ordering and implementation process, Right Way Medical is a national concierge of infusion supply products to infusion clinics, long term care, and home infusion pharmacies.

Specializing in IV & enteral pump distribution, disposables, biomedical services, and asset tracking software – the Right Way Medical team is invested in providing the ideal experience and products while servicing specialty pharmacies – allowing clinicians to feel confident knowing the right products are being used for their patients.