Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team: Corey Ennist

Corey Ennist joined our team in 2017 as a warehouse associate in our Ohio office. After a few years, Corey shifted his focus to biomedical services and has become one of our most tenured technicians.

Corey and his family are heading down to Atlanta to begin operations in our newest distribution facility.

Get to know our biomed tech, Corey!

Three Words To Describe RWM And Why?

Welcoming, interested, and committed. Everyone at Right Way is always friendly and happy to meet and talk to new employees, vendors, and clients. Because we’re a smaller company, we all get to know each other pretty well and have a real sense of community and interest in each other’s lives and wellbeing. And everyone here is here to do the work as best they can and really desires to get the best results for everyone involved.

Aside From Necessities, What One Thing Could You Not Go A Day Without?

A good laugh. Laughing and making others laugh keeps me going.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

PCA in the trauma ward at a hospital during the night shift.

Favorite family tradition?

Christmas morning mimosas. Our favorite so far has been with white cran-strawberry juice.

What originally attracted you to work at RWM?

That it’s a growing company within the medical field.

Go To Binge Worthy TV Show Or Movie Series.

My wife and I watch shows at night together to wind down the day. We really enjoy discussing our theories and what we liked and didn’t like with different shows, so there’s always something we are binging. Aside from that, I’ll always sit down and watch a good Marvel movie, or seven.

It’s Saturday Afternoon And The Sun Is Shining. What Do You Do?

Something fun with the family, doesn’t really matter what.

Our Georgia facility is open!


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