In It Alone Together

Isolating and unprecedented; the two best words to describe the unique experience of 2020. Unprecedented events, an unprecedented amount of change, and an unprecedented amount of growth potential.

As much of the workforce quickly retreated to their homes in early 2020, the only thing to multiply as quickly as COVID-19 cases in the United States seemed to be the number of people creating Zoom accounts. Six months later and Zoom stock value has drastically risen as people search for the best way to simulate human interaction from behind a computer screen.

Zoom began the year with an average of 56,000 daily downloads in January and soared to 2.13 million by March. Zoom credits much of their 2020 success to people’s desire to connect with one another while confined in lockdown.

Human instinct is to grow and create new mediums to form personal connections and we have seen this time and time again as technology advances to bring people together. From the amazement of the first office fax machine, to pagers, and advancing through numerous generations of iPhone releases, people always find a way to come together.

However, Coronavirus has changed the work environment as the traditional workplace continues to transition to a long-distance relationship between coworkers and customers.

At Right Way Medical, we are still adapting to the change and continue to utilize technology to advance our team. We opt for online trainings with customers when asked and dream of seeing partners smiles in person instead of seeing a set of eyes peering back at us from above a mask. We have successfully interviewed, carefully chosen, and trained coworkers joining the Right Way Team, in addition to implementing ambulatory and pole-mounted infusion pumps with onboarding customers to expand our ever-growing business and industry. Zoom has allowed us to launch software updates for our asset tracking software tool, Right Track, and were able to transition to a new ERP, NetSuite, as scheduled.

But this technical shift has also allowed us to take a step back and see the growth that can come out of these chaotic times; higher sanitary standards, streamlining check in and discharge policies for patients, and the strength of the industry as it rebounds from a healthcare recession and major pump recall.

As the COVID-19 era drags on, people need to continue to adapt and grow and challenge themselves to not let the lack of in-person communication stunt potential growth moving forward.

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About Right Way Medical:

Right Way Medical provides supply, logistic, technology, biomedical, and financing solutions to alternate site, long-term care, and specialty pharmacy healthcare providers through an innovative suite of products and services combined with the highest level of customer service. Founded in 2014, Right Way Medical has become a trusted name in the infusion industry, and focuses every day to continue to earn that trust and provide its customers with the ideal experience in acquiring healthcare related products and service.