How to Make the Most of Slow Summers in Long-term Care

The summer sun is shining – which means many of your patients are somewhere else. Re-admission slowdowns and low patient census create the right opportunity for maintenance and upgrades for your infusion pumps.

One upgrade that many pharmacies consider is to pole mounted infusion pump technology. The summer months make it a perfect time for pharmacies and nursing administrators to make the change to new devices that will enhance patient care while increasing operating efficiencies.

Below are a few items to consider along with some recommendations regarding pole mounted infusion pumps in today’s post-acute market:

  • Utilize a device that has been approved by the FDA and the current manufacturer is in good standing with the FDA.
  • Partner with a company that can fully implement the new device and walk with you hand in hand while performing the implementation.
  • Make sure you understand if your homes are accredited by bodies such as JCAHO, CHAPS, ACHC, this can affect the type of pump that should be utilized.

Obtain a full understanding of the device being considered. Ask questions such as

  • Is it designed for wireless compatibility?
  • How long has the current pump been in the market?
  • How many devices are currently in circulation and being utilized?
  • Who manufacturers the IV tubing utilized with each pump?

Right Way Medical understands the importance of the right decision when moving to new technology. With strategic manufacturing relationships across many of the nation’s leading IV pump manufacturers, allow Right Way Medical to assist you in your decision. Right Way Medical also offers a full range of biomedical service and repair.

Contact us to learn how we can walk you through the process of acquiring and implementing the pole mounted infusion pumps that best suit your needs.