Columbus Fast Fifty 2019

On October 22, 2019 Right Way Medical earned placement on the greater Columbus metro area’s fastest growing private companies for a third consecutive year.

According to Forbes, most of the fastest growing cities in America are in the Sun Belt or the Pacific Northwest, but one city in “fly-over” country is keeping pace—Columbus, Ohio. recently ranked Columbus as America’s fourth-hottest housing market based on the number of hits each listing receives and time on the market. Columbus is also the 14th largest city in the country, and the only large northern city to grow by more than 10% from 2010 to 2017.

Amidst stiff competition, Right Way Medical attributes its continued growth to people — both the employees within the company as well as the customers they serve.

“We’ve been blessed with an extremely loyal customer base that recognize how hard we work to provide an ideal experience, and it’s the committed and passionate work of our employees that fulfill that promise.” Commented Josh Prati, Right Way Medical’s CEO.

About Right Way Medical

Right Way Medical provides supply, logistic, technology, biomedical and financing solutions to alternate site, long-term care and specialty pharmacy healthcare providers through an innovative suite of products and services combined with the highest level of customer service. Founded in 2014, Right Way Medical has become a trusted name in the infusion industry, and focuses every day to continue to earn that trust and provide its customers with the ideal experience in acquiring healthcare related products and service.

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