B. Braun Medical Allocation Notice

Last evening Right Way Medical was updated by B.Braun concerning recent back-orders on several of their products. Below is a customer letter they have provided for more information on the steps they are taking to address the issue.

On behalf of B. Braun Medical (B.Braun), I want to acknowledge and apologize for the back-orders of certain IV fluids. We recognize that inconsistent supply of fluids is unacceptable as it creates significant operational challenges for your institution. Accordingly, B.Braun is actively working to fill back-orders as quickly as possible. That said, we do expect that certain codes in our PAB™ (SVP), EXCEL™ (LVP) and Irrigation solutions in TITAN™ XL containers to continue to be impacted for several weeks.

To date, the B. Braun Irvine manufacturing facility (IV solution plant) has been operating at a high level of utilization in order to meet customer demands. Our maintenance plan required a facility shut down in October for cleaning and maintenance of environments, equipment and utilities used in the manufacture, processing, and packing of our finished products. These maintenance activities prevent malfunctions of equipment and processes, assure that the B. Braun manufactured products consistently conform to established requirements, and are required to meet FDA regulations.

In addition, the commissioning of our newest PAB production line was delayed, thereby limiting our capacity to increase production in November as planned. The PAB line is expected to be in production in early January, with additional PAB product available by the end of February. As a result of this delay, B.Braun has placed all PAB codes on allocation. Please note, while the addEASE connectors (BC2000, BC1300) have also been placed on allocation, we are nearing a full recovery with these two codes.

While we have and continue to make significant progress to increase product availability, it will take time to recover and to rebuild inventories. B.Braun recognizes that this situation is not acceptable and is actively working to fill back-orders and close all gaps in the supply chain as quickly as possible.

Rick Williamson
VP Marketing, Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Right Way Medical representative or email us at sales@rightwaymed.com.